Encountering Gurambai/Rapid Creek – the Zine

July 2021 – an output of a series of event around the waterway of Gurambai/Rapid Creek in Darwin’s northern suburbs.

Includes reflections on the events, poetry, presentations, even a recipe.

Available here

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Learning Communities Journal: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts, Number 26, November 2020. Special Issue: Collaborative Knowledge Work in Northern Australia

A collection of papers by members of the TopEndSTS collective.

Complete volume available open access at https://www.cdu.edu.au/sites/default/files/the-northern-institute/learning_communities_journal_26_online.pdf 


Platypus – the CASTAC blog

Choreographies of Magic and Mess: AusSTS in Melbourne and Darwin

(Reblogged by Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Backchannels blog)


 EASST reviewEASST Review Volume 38(1) 2019
Doing difference differently in Northern Australia today: The beginnings of TopEndSTS


 STS Infrastructures (2018) 
‘Doing difference differently in northern Australia today: Ground up mobilisation of Indigenous and STS concepts’