STS Genealogies

STS Genealogies: Two Essays 

TopEndSTS sees itself as beholden to a rich history of collaborative research which situates, and continues to be expressed within, our current activities and epistemic orientations.

The two essays below detail the beginnings of a stream of STS work concerned with ‘doing difference differently’ which emerged in particular Australian institutional contexts and through close work with Yolngu elders in the 1980’s.

These essays were written as contributions to the STS Across Borders event at 4S Sydney, 2018. Along with other Australian contributions, they connected current and emerging STS work with various STS genealogies.

STS Across Borders was a special  exhibit organised by the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) – an international scholarly society representing the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS). It assembled various online exhibits, detailing various STS trajectories, how these have developed across time and space, and the structures, infrastructures, and systems that have allowed–or worked against–the cultivation of STS modes of thinking.



Helen Verran (2018) ‘Doing Difference Differently: Deakin STS in the late 1980s’



Top End STS (2018) ‘Doing difference differently in northern Australia today: Ground up mobilisation of Indigenous and STS concepts’