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“It matters what matters we use to think other matters with; it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with; it matters what knots knot knots, what thoughts think thoughts, what descriptions describe descriptions, what ties tie ties. It matters what stories make worlds, what worlds make stories— Donna J. Haraway


We meet online at 12 noon NT/ 12.30pm QLD/ SA/ VIC/ TAS on the third Thursday of every month. Write to us at if you would like access to the zoom link, or a copy of any of the readings.

All are welcome!!

2022 Readings

#6 Watery relationalities (in sustainability science and West Miyarrka)

12-1pm, Thursday 16 June 2022


    • West, S., Haider, L. J., Stålhammar, S., & Woroniecki, S. (2021). Putting relational thinking to work in sustainability science–reply to Raymond et al. Ecosystems and People, 17(1), 108-113. 
    • Collaborative kinetics . Miyarrka Media. Miyarrka Media.(2021), Gurrumuruwuy, P., J. Deger, E. Gurunulmiwuy, W. Balpatrji, V. B. Coffey. [Contact TopEndSTS for a copy]

#5 Imagining infrastructures otherwise

12-1pm, Thursday 19 May 2022



#4: Making and Weathering: The Invention of Rivers

12-1pm, Thursday 28th April 2022


Video :


#3: Making (and doing) art at the end of the world

12-1pm, Thursday 24th March 2022

Introduced by: Jen Deger


Optional extras:

    • Kandice Chuh, ‘ Preface and Introduction’, The Difference Aesthetics Makes: On the Humanities after “Man” (Duke 2019)


#2: There is no such thing as environmental law

12-1pm, Thursday 3rd March 2022

Introduced by: Kirsty Howey


    • Howey, Kirsty, & Neale, Tim. (2022). Divisible Governance: Making Gas-fired Futures during Climate Collapse in Northern Australia. Science, Technology, & Human Values.

Optional extras:


#1: Compromise 

12-1pm, Thursday 27th January 2022

Introduced by: Kelly Lee Hickey


    • A presentation by Max Liboiron (2022) ‘Building feminist and anticolonial technologies in compromised spaces’, from Disrupting Disruptions: the Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series (

    • Presentation slides: HERE 
    • Presentation recording: HERE